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20.03.2018, 01:09

Ihre Werbung?



About this page, everything was said in my first “Welcome Post“, so that I will indroduce myself here:

About me:

Bernhard Plank

Bernhard Plank

My name is Bernhard Plank and I was born in Linz in april, 1984. I live in Upper Austria in the district “Wels-Land”.
In 2003 I have finished successfully the higher-level secondary industrial college for mechatronic (HTL Linz Paul-Hahn-Strasse (LiTec)). After the army I started to study at the University of Applied Sciences – Material:Engineering  (Fachhochschule Wels), which i have successfully completed in summer 2008 .

Professionally I am currently staying at the FH-Wels as a researcher at the University of Upper Austria Research & Development GmbH (FH OÖ F&E GmbH). My field of activity is now mainly in the non-destructive material testing using industrial  X-ray 3D computer tomography -> 3d-ct.at

Besides my work I am trying to pursue the following activities, which may also described as hobby’ s:
Climbing, cycling and mountain biking, going out, cinema and especially photography. On the topic of “Photography” two Web sites from me exists, which of course I can only recommend: Photography and more by leetsil – Bernhards Foto-Page und Photos as Art | Photoart

Fotografie als Kunstwerk | Fotokunst

That was it, for questions, requests, complaints, etc … please contact me via “Contact-Form“.

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