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26.01.2020, 21:37

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Welcome to “geldverdienen.fh-forum.org

With this post I would like to welcome you all to read my blog. But why the title of this blog is “making money”

I do not know it exactly, but maybe, because I hope that I will earn some cent’s by providen some addvertisement ( google-adsense )

But now I would like to write about the the actual background of this blog and why I decidet to create another Website: I always stumble back on content and themes, which I like to commit and dicuss with other people. Unfortunately, I have not the ability to publish these things on my website and my photo blog , so now this blog was born.

There are no specific contents of this blog, but I planned a bit of everything in German and English.For the future I hope to get some readers and see you again on this blog.